I created cover art for Marcellis, an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Chicago, for one of his songs "So Titanic" from his newest album Summer Cherries.
Marcellis' only requests included a dark cover with a hint of purple. Avoiding a cliché boat or waves for a title like "So Titanic," I chose to go the abstract route and created a texture of dark water. I went to Home Depot and bought black construction bags that I used to place on the bottom of my bathtub before I filled it up with water. Then, I switched the lights off and took several film photos in flash as I was moving the water.
This is the one I chose to further manipulate: 
In Photoshop, I played around with positioning of text, scale and the colors as I was listening to the song on repeat.
I aimed to create a cover that not only represented the song, but the overall energy of the artist.
This was the final cover: