OBJECTIVE: Photograph a floral, vibrant iconic headshot of the client. With the photograph, create Album Cover Art, a three-day count-down promotion and subliminal messaging through social media.
STRATEGY: For the cover, create a minimal and impactful design with a gradient. Then, animate the gradient to catch the viewers attention on social media.
For the three-day count-down, use the same font for the cover title and the most striking images of the shoot against a black background to create consistency amongst the three.
For the subliminal messaging, incorporate elements of the cover in a glitch effect.
ROLE: Art Director, Photographer and Graphic Designer
OUTCOME: Over 16,000 plays within 6 months
CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS: Brand Identity, Interactive Advertising, Social Media Promotion, Guerrilla Advertising, Subliminal Messaging, Animation​​​​​​​